Introducing the RAM Rod™ impact tool, the first tool in the Goldblatt Innovations line. It's a line for versatile, never-before-seen ideas from our team of engineers and available exclusively from Goldblatt. The RAM Rod Impact Tool is a gamechanger for anyone who needs to remove floor tile, score & break bricks or landscaping stones, break through asphalt, concrete or hardened dirt and more!

Thanks to a heavy-duty spring, weight and gravity, RAM Rod lets you apply 3x the force of a normal tool, giving you the power to finish jobs quicker and easier.

With attachments to help all over a jobsite or home, RAM Rod is sure to become an invaluable part of your tool arsenal and a tool you can't remember how you lived without!

RAM Rod Impact Tool with 1" Spike bit G06610
RAM Rod 6.5" Scraper bit G06611
RAM Rod 3" Chisel bit G06612
RAM Rod 2" Chisel bit G06613
RAM Rod 1" Chisel bit G06614
RAM Rod Extra Weight Collar G06615
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Operation trigger for releasing the RAM Rod

Trigger lock for continuous operation on repeated strike jobs

Comfort grip handle

Vertical grip for use on walls and other vertical surfaces

Patented RAM Rod sledge weight that allows 3X more work to be completed than traditional manual tools

Quick release chuck for fast and easy bit changes

RAM Rod removable bits

1" Spike bit

6.5" Scraper bit

3" Chisel bit

Return Action Mechanism (RAM) extends and utilizes the sledgs weight and impact surface to maximize delivery force