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A Couple of Words About Goldblatt Tools

You might have noticed that we’re running a Goldblatt sidebar banner advertisement this month that features their new aluminum box level. Goldblatt signed on as a ToolGuyd advertiser, and we’re glad to have them! Before we kicked off that advertising arrangement, Goldblatt sent over a couple of their new box levels for testing and review. You’ll hear more about those levels later today.

Goldblatt is a long-standing brand that specializes in concrete, masonry, tile, and drywall tools, and they have been branching out into other areas. The USA-based company is now owned by GreatStar Tools (since 2011), which is a huge OEM.

To be frank, before I received them, I was a little hesitant about the quality of the levels. I own some tools that are made by Great Star Tools that I love. Others, not so much. To my relief and delight, the levels proved to be thoughtfully designed and very well manufactured, and I believe that this will be true of other Goldblatt’s current and upcoming products.

Going back to the very beginning, I posted about Goldblatt’s renewal back in May of 2011. At the time, I was pumped about all the great things that Goldblatt’s new owners were going to do with the company. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but it seemed like they were going to come out with some great new tools. I briefly posted about a new 4-in-1 drywall multi-tool, and waited to see what would happen next.

I guess Goldblatt lost a little momentum, as I didn’t really hear much from them after that, until they reached out again earlier this year.

Before we started talking about advertising, and even before I received the level review samples, I spoke with the VP of Product Development for GreatStar Tools. GreatStar is based in China, and the VP I spoke with is based here in the USA.

They emailed in once, twice, and then a third time earlier this year. Sorry! I have been in a perpetual struggle to catch up and be prompt with emails. I’m glad they didn’t give up; at the least, the new levels are great.

The call came in out of the blue, but was impactful. During that first call, we spent quite some time talking about the Goldblatt brand, GreatStar products, metallurgy (yes, really), and everything in between. That really uplifted my impressions about the brands, neither of which I had really paid much attention to in the past.

I still had some hesitations, but my experience with the new levels have shown me that Goldblatt means serious business.

Goldblatt has new products in the pipeline, and you should already see some of their professional drywall, masonry, concrete, and tiling tools at Lowes stores, with more to come. Now that you know a little more about the brand, be sure to check them out.

As always, I believe in transparency and no-BS. The advertisement arrangement with Goldblatt is strictly for banner ad placements. Any reviews, other editorial content, or potential giveaways are completely separate and isolated from that arrangement, and I’ll be sure to remind you of the banner ads for transparency’s sake.

otential giveaways are completely separate and isolated from that arrangement, and I’ll be sure to remind you of the banner ads for transparency’s sake.